Listening To Your Body

Sounds simple, right?

"Go with your gut instinct!" We hear this all the time.  But if it were really that simple, everyone would be a hell of a lot more happy and at peace with themselves. 


Yesterday was one of those days where I struggled to find peace between my body and my mind. It was already a rough day to start off with; rolling out of bed 4 hours late to school (maybe that's actually a blessing in disguise), a screaming headache, and a crap load of homework that I procrastinated on till the last minute (last-minute Lauryn at her finest here). So basically...

The LAST thing I felt like doing was lifting heavy. Not only did my head ache, but my body ached. I was guilty of not taking a rest day since Easter Sunday, and my body was definitely giving me a heavy dose of karma for it. But being my usual stubborn self, I ignored my body and listened to the e.d part of me. 

It was back day, and I usually love back day...but when I can't even get a 130 pound deadlift up, I know that I am beyond exhausted. I didn't have that high amount of energy and drive like I usually do. I was motivated for one thing, and one thing only. Bed. 

Well and peanut butter.


And...okay I'll stop there. 

ANYWAYS. I had a freak out moment and immediately called the one person who I knew would answer no matter what time of the day (Mumma, you da real MVP).

She told me everything I already knew. I KNEW that I shouldn't be lifting. I KNEW that I needed to stop what I was doing and rest. For some reason, re-assurance from an outside source always helps me. It wasn't that I felt guilty for stopping my lift session, but that I had already ate my training day macros for the day. 

And that's when I slapped myself in the face and gave myself a lil' pep talk.

"Food is FUEL. Muscles aren't made in the gym, Lauryn. They are made when you properly fuel your body and rest. You are either going to finish this workout at a turtle's pace and feel crappy about having a crappy workout later, or you are going stop right now, EAT, and REST." 

And I did just that. 

It must have been fate..because directly after I decided to stop my workout, my coach, Brittany Dawn, emailed me some very motivational pieces of advice AND increased my macros. I am so proud to say that I am officially eating over 2,000 calories a day. I haven't come close to eating 2,000 calories a day since I was a little girl. So please don't refer to me as 'Lauryn' anymore. I am now and forever will be a...

And lemme tell ya, those carbs definitely were put to use today. I re-attempted the failed back workout yesterday, and CRUSHED it! I pulled 160x8 for 4 sets of deadlifts, and was feeling I decided to go for a new personal record. 200 FRIGGIN' POUNDS. Yes, it was a one-rep max...but STILL. It was the most incredible feeling...indescribable really. I took all my anger, all my emotions, and all my strength to pull that weight up. And 5 minutes later...I did it again (shoutout to those animal crackers, chocolate covered almonds, and oreos prior to that lift).

This proves the following:

  • Your body IS smarter than you.
  • You need to know when to ignore your mind.
  • Carbz for dayz.
  • Food is fuel.
  • Oreos are the leading cause of maxing out on deadlifts.

So next time your body and your mind are at World War III, remember that your body knows best, and is never wrong. ♥