Young at Heart

Picture this.

You casually stroll up to the reception desk at Masters Gallery Foods and are greeted ever so warmly by a beautiful woman. Her dark brown flat ironed hair is styled a certain way so it shows off the glistening caramel colored highlights scattered about her scalp. An unforgettable smile spreads across her face, showing off her pearly white teeth. You take notice to the features of her smooth face; The shimmering eye shadow brushed across her fluttering eyelids, flawless cheeks, and her lips puckered with fresh lipstick. Her big brown eyes locked with yours as she says,

"My name is Paula, how may I assist you?"

Actually, Paula, no need to assist anyone today. Because today is all about YOU!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. It's this hot mama's 45th birthday today. This woman is the most important woman in my entire life. I wanted to dedicate a very special blog post to a very special soul who is ready to party.

See? Even Annie is ready to party with you, Mom!

See? Even Annie is ready to party with you, Mom!

No amount of advice from friends, parenting classes, or "how to" books could've ever prepared my mom for the cards life has handed her the past 45 years. She has been through the ringer, and she still stands tall. There isn't anyone more hardworking than her. She makes sacrifices day in and day out to continue to support our family. I often lay in bed and wonder how she does it all and still manages to put a smile on her face. 

Everyone has that one person they gravitate towards when something exciting happens in their life, a tragedy occurs, needs someone to talk to about their day, or just simply to vent to. My mom is definitely that person for me. As soon as I kick the covers off in the morning, I automatically think of how excited I am to go upstairs to find my mom lounged on our sofa sipping on her usual cup of Joe and nibbling on her daily English muffin with cream cheese and jelly (this combo is amazeballs, by the way). It truly is the little things in life. She knows everything about me. Every dark secret, crush, heartbreak, and feeling I've ever had, she knows about it. It's impossible to keep anything from her (not having her proofread this blog post has been a struggle). Throughout my journey, she has been my number one. This woman is my boulder, and has been there for every step, bite, pound, tear, and smile. She has to repeat herself endlessly with me, reminding me of the things that Ed wipes clean from my mind, and yet, she still is there for me.

Every single night, my mumma and I enjoy our usual "night snack" together. This is my absolute favorite part of the day. It's a time where we prepare our snack of choice (hers usually being a bowl of cereal loaded with fresh fruit and chopped nuts, and mine being a huge yogurt bowl filled with whatever my little heart is craving), watch our favorite shows (The Bachelorette as of right now!), and catch up on how our days went. She usually ends up falling asleep a fourth of the way through the show, but just being in her presence is enough. 

So obviously, I love her. I love her so much, more than I can even handle. As I grow older, my love and bond with my mother grows stronger and stronger. I am becoming more like her every day, and that's pretty friggin' cool, considering she's like wonder woman. All I want for her today is to feel absolutely nothing but pure bliss. Mumma, today is all about you, period. Sure, you can do your usual OCD things such as vacuum the rug in the kitchen and whatever keeps your pretty little mind sane, but prioritize yourself today. I want you to feel like the most beautiful woman in the world today (even though you should feel like that every day). So here's to you, Mumma. Happy birthday. I love you more than I love peanut butter, and more than you could possibly imagine. ♥

P.S: Nala loves you too.