The Big 21

Today is a very special day, and not just for the fact that we are one day away from Friday (even though everyday is a Friday now that it's summer in my book).


Whose you may ask? 



Yes, you heard me. That babe is turning 21 for the 2nd time (+2) today. Personally,  I think the 2nd time is her best yet. ;)

I don't think anyone understands the bond me and this woman have. It's not just your average mother daughter bond. I mean, I can't live more than a couple hours without having some type of contact with my mom. There's something about being wrapped up in her arms that just feels like home (well that, and she smells really good. SHE LOVES BELARA  PERFUME IN CASE ANYONE WAS WONDERING WHAT TO GET HER). 

We share e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. together.  

To food, 


To kisses, 


To memories, 


(Plus Gare Bare)  ^


To everything and anything you can think of. This woman is the reason I'm laying in bed typing this blog post. Not only did she give me life, but she has saved my life, and I am eternally grateful for her. 

I do have one question though. Is it appropriate to make your mom the maid of honor in your wedding? Because when that day comes, appropriate or not, I want that to be my mumma. 


Happy happy happy friggin' birthday, Mommy. Today is your day to do whatever the hell you want, so eat all da cake, drink all da booze, and smile all da smiles.   


I love you to the moon and back, and back again, annnnnd back again, annnd, well okay you get the point. I JUST LOVE YOU A LOT OKAY. 



(It's funny because no one but us will understand what that is, how to pronounce it, or why I said it.)